I believe peace happens with more balanced teams

Hi, I'm Mara Lecocq. I'm an advertising creative director. I take time off toothpaste commercials to help bring diversity to male-dominated industries. 

I inspire little girls of all ethnicities to get in technology, with Secret Code. I help our guy friends understand women, with articles like Guys, here's how you retain female talent. I talk about BS power dynamics at the office, with Let's Take This Offline. I help women find their next boss with a list of female-led agencies, Where Are The Boss Ladies.

Unfortunately, the toothpaste ads didn't make it to my portfolio. But I've done work for Starbucks, Nike, Verizon and McDonald's. Check it out.


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My work

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Secret Code

Make her see what she can be

A customizable children's book that stars *your* girl as a tech hero.
Girlboss Foundation Winner ▴ Represented by William Morris/WME ▴ Fast Company, Mashable, Inc., Elle...

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Where Are The Boss Ladies?

Agencies where women are in charge

A list of female-led ad agencies and teams, for those who are tired of being in male-dominated workplaces.

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Let's Take This Offline

Office politics. Side convos. Meeting tantrums. Thoughts for peace at work between ladies and gentlemen. 

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Advertising Creative Direction

I've worked for 13 years in Paris, Toronto and New York on digital products, campaigns and experiences for clients like Starbucks, Nike, Verizon, McDonald's, Evian, Kenzo, Air France...

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