Ideas powered by digital

I wear a lot of hats but digital is what I enjoy the most. I'm an advertising creative director who has worked for 13 years in Paris, Toronto and New York on products, campaigns and experiences for clients like Starbucks, Nike, Verizon, McDonald's, Evian, Kenzo, Air France...


• Awareness campaigns
• Film / animation
• OOH experiential
• Branded content
• Social

• Digital products
• Interactive experiences
• E-commerce / Platforms
• In-store mobile experiences
• Responsive design


What is a creative director?

I meet people outside the industry these days. So, just to be helpful :) No, I don't point at a picture and say "More green. Less red." And even if I can design, I definitely shouldn't be the designer of a website. There are way better (and more affordable) people out there.

A creative director inspires teams of creatives to come up with and execute impactful ideas that solve brand problems. They're an inventor, a cheerleader and a therapist at the same time. They love spending all days in meetings debating everything with dozens of people. Just kidding, but not really. 

What I do:
- Go high: Strategic and creative vision, conceptual ideation, pitching, creative process, creative team manager and "mother hen."
- Go low: Art direction, design, motion design, pixel pusher and QA beast.