Mobile TV, made social

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Verizon recently launched its own free video app showing primetime shows, live music & sports, targeting millennials. AKQA was in charge of the branding, awareness campaign and the next product design releases. Unlike other services like Netflix, go90 has a strong social component. Unlike Youtube, users can watch primetime shows and live sports for free. And unlike everyone else, go90 gives the opportunity to cut show segments and repost what users specifically care about.


AKQA worked on the branding, campaign launch and product redesign


Mobile TV, made social


Discover shows, cut and stream them


Join and engage communities with shared passions

  • find your niche

  • Start conversations with polls and topic-starters

  • easily meet people with compatibility ui

  • discuss live and share your appreciation for shows


go90 buddies are there for you

App messaging is illustrated by characters who walk you through the app experience.


Watch the go90 walkthrough

AKQA, New York (2016)
Creative direction: Mara Lecocq
UX direction: Max Zabramny
Graphic design: Winnie Ma
UX design: Josh Williams