Get a taste of fame by creating
your own McDonald's 140 Character Film

Social campaign, video and ugc  ▴  Creative direction

McDonald's wanted to reward their fans for their loyalty and we decided to give them 140 characters of fame. Fans were able to tweet their own 140-character script using at least one of McDonald's characters, for a chance for it to be made into a short film. 


▸ Webby Awards 2014 (x2): "Social Media Campaigns" and "Best Use of Video" Honoree
▸ Canada Marketing Awards 2014: Gold
▸ Art Director & Design Club Awards 2014: Silver
▸ Marketing Magazine 2014: Bronze
▸ Atomic Awards 2014: Shortlist
▸ Applied Arts 2014 (x2): "Social Campaign" + "Branded Content - Series"


Watch the case study


1,200 tweets of film storylines

Tweet example: "Brothers McNug and McWrap are trekking through the Amazon when they run foul of a crazy tribe of LadyFries! Will they survive? #MakeMyFilm" @fannielam


We produced one film a day for 12 days



Tweet: "McNuggets and Fries are chatting in the fryer like in a hot tub and are scandalized when McWrap comes out naked, without his pita. #MakeMyFilm" @soleiljutras


Tweet: "Post zombie apocalypse world. Zombie fries everywhere. Big Mac is the only one immune. The group must band together to protect him. #MakeMyFilm" @cakegirl31

Tribal DDB, Toronto
Creative Direction: Mara Lecocq
Art direction: Kara Wark
Copywriting: Tiffany Chung
Design: Dev Gupta