Hi, I'm Mara. A Filipina-born Parisian living in New York. Enjoy!

If you have 3 things to do


8 comedians in 2 hours. This is where famous or local stand-up comedians or writers for comedy shows like Conan, Today Show, Late Night practice their jokes... You get to see a range of Americans speak about their experience in NY. Super fun to get the culture and feel like a local. Just make reservations at least 2 days in advance. (you don't need to pay when you make the reservation)
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An interactive play on 4-5 floors at the "McKittick Hotel." The audience wears masks and finds the scenes to witness. A bit pricey but so worth it, even for those on smaller budgets. It's unlike anything you've seen before (if you haven't done an interactive play). It's like being in a 1920s video game IRL. Plus there's an old school bar with a cool jazz band if you want to take a break.

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3. 9/11 museum

I procrastinated this for 3 years thinking this would be a really dark and voyeuristic experience. It's a beautiful hommage to 9/11 and you leave there feeling like you've paid your respect to the victims by getting to know what they've been through and the courage they all had to put up with. It made me empathize, bond and feel even closer to New York.

👉 Make a reservation ($24 — 3+ hours)

Manhattan Bar Views

jimmy rooftop

Bar, great view on Wall Street. A little Manhattan-douchey but you're there for the view.
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Amazing view on Central Park. Drinks are not cheap ($18 cocktail), but you're paying for the awesome view. I think it's on the 18th floor. Come before 5 pm so you can get a seat close to the window.
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Manhattan Speakeasy Bars


Fun entrance. You go in this dingy hot dog place and enter the phone booth. 
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La esquina

Bar and restaurant with a fun entrance. You go inside this quaint diner-looking place, enter a back door, go through the kitchen and arrive in a basement with the bar and restaurant. 
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Speakeasy bar in grimy China Town street. Amazing cocktails, people dressed as chemists.
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My favorite cocktail bar ever. There's no menu: You tell them the flavors you're into and they create surprising cocktails that are amazing. Get there before 7. 
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Brooklyn Barge (bar & food)

Summer. Great view on Manhattan, by the water, super chill, spacious, not expensive, Instagram-friendly ;)
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Has the most spectacular view. A little douchey but you're here for the view and it's spacious. Lots of people though. 
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Was THE view on Manhattan before William Vale. A lot smaller but probably less crowded now there's William Vale.
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maison premiere (cocktails & Resto)

Bar or seafood restaurant. Go there for the bar at least. Feels like time travel.
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Barcade (BAR)

80-90s arcade game bar. All the classics (Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.)
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Fette Sau (RESTO)

Super chill BBQ. Get the brisket (#1) and pork ribs (#2) for sure.
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PEARL’S (resto & cocktails)

Jamaican food, super cute interior and patio.  👉 Google Maps


WIN SON (restO)

One of my favorite restaurants. Taiwanese. (Get the cucumbers.)
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My other favorite restaurant. Sichuan.
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Super cute, Instagram-friendly bar and restaurant. The food isn’t memorable (it’s fine), but the place is. People have their weddings here. It's a bit far in Greenpoint but super nice.
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Random experiences

brooklyn brainery

SO Brooklyn. Learn to make tapestry, dim sum, do tie dye shirts, cut a bonsai, read tarot cards... Awesome classes for like $15.
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Mechanical bull riding. Ultimate American experience. Reserve a table.
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Also, check out Paris from kind-of a local, or Philippines from kind-of a local.