Schizophrenia between my advertising side + my entrepreneurial 'Secret Code' side + my writer side for Girlboss.


Advertising Accolades/Judge
→ Mashable: Meet 15 of Advertising's Rising Stars
→ 3% Conference & the One Club: Next Creative Leader: Mara Lecocq
        → 2017 Next Creative Leaders Jury
One Show Judge
Hong Kong Designers Association Judge
→ CB News: French Men in New York

Secret Code
→ Mashable: Smash tech stereotypes with this new book for little girls
→ Fast Company: New stereotype-exploding book can be customized to girls’ ethnicity
→ Adweek: This Creative Director Made a Customizable Children’s Book to Empower Young Girls
→ Teen Vogue: Nasty Gal Founder Sophia Amoruso is Funding an Innovative Children's Book
→ PSFK: An empowering book for young girls
→ Clio Awards Holiday Gift Guide
→ Cool Mom Picks: A customizable children’s book to help you raise tech-savvy, confident girls
→ Adobo Magazine: Secret Code makes girls see what they can be
→ Candymag: This Half-Filipina Teaches Girls Around the World to Break Stereotypes

→ Girlboss: Meet Mara Lecocq, Our Latest Girlboss Grant Recipient
→ VanSchneider: Make Her See What She Can Be
→ Minimums: Mara Lecocq: Making Girl Nerds Feel Badass
→ We Are Bird: Mara Lecocq, Williamsburg
→ The Next Gag: Mara Lecocq, Founder of Secret Code
→ Talk to Jess: Meet Mara Lecocq
→ Hustle & Co: Meet The Hustler Who Loves Challenging The Status Quo
→ La Femme Collective: Mara Lecocq - Secret Code


Video & podcasts

Video Appearances
→ Hong Kong Designers Association: Mara Binudin, Interactive Judge
→ 3 percent conference: Next Creative Leaders
→ Girlboss Rally: Grant Winner Panel with Sophia Amoruso

Podcast Interviews
Girlboss Radio: Girlboss Grant Recipient
5 to 9: A Podcast for the Side Hustle Generation
Creator's Journey


articles as a writer

→ Girlboss: 7 tips for being a good creative leader
→ Girlboss: How To Make Art That Will Actually Change The World
→ Girlboss: This is the Billion-Dollar Industry Women and POC Should Break Into ASAP
→ Women 2.0: Fighting perfect
→ Girlboss: 6 Takeaways From SXSW: Female Innovators on Weed, Smart Sex Toys and Robots
→ Girlboss: 10 Of The Best Hillary Moments From the Women in the World Summit
→ Girlboss: 12 Incredible Moments From The Women in the World Summit