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I wanted to address the problem of diversity in technology and leadership I was facing firsthand, as one of the rare female leaders in technology and advertising. I decided to treat the problem at the source, when children start developing aspirations. Studies show stereotypes impact aspirations by the age of 6. What male-dominated industries lack are role models that girls–of all ethnicities–can relate to in their formative years. I rallied ex-advertising co-workers to create Secret Code to create a personalized children's book that stars *your* girl the hero.

Tech innovation

We created the first AR game that teaches kids to code off a children’s book.
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a customizable children’s book,


a mass appeal-hero in bookstores nationwide,

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and an AR coding game that gets girls coding off the book



Girlboss Foundation Grant Winner with Sophia Amoruso

Girlboss Foundation Grant Winner with Sophia Amoruso

App store “Apps We Love” - Apple proactively reached out

App store “Apps We Love” - Apple proactively reached out


Watch our launch video

Introducing girls to the most empowering role model they can relate to: themselves

How it works: go on the Secret Code website to personalize her name, skin color and hairstyle, so it looks like the girl you want to inspire, and two weeks later, she receives a beautiful paper picture book at home with her as the hero.

A story about bravery, curiosity and leadership

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Customizable parents

Parents play a role in the story. We offer parent customization: so that same-sex, mixed-race and single parents can finally see themselves represented in children's media.

Turning inspiration into action with an innovative AR coding game

At the end of the book, kids are invited to learn coding principles, bringing their own custom robot to life in AR 3D.

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awareness campaign

Teach girls to #BreakStereotypes and they'll grow to be unstoppable



70% of parents see a change in their daughters

“I gave the book to my 6-yo niece who hated science. Now she wants to take robot camp and plays “engineer.”
Thanks to Secret Code, my daughter asks to code every night now.
I introduced my daughter to a friend who’s an engineer. And she freaked out thinking she was a celebrity.

Winning startup pitch competitions

  1. Girlboss foundation grant

Rewarding the 1st of 1,000 applicants for female business plans. This has introduced me to the world of entrepreneurs and open doors. What I learned: it’s all about the “warm intro!”


2. Project Entrepreneur Accelerator Program

10 of 700 applicants were selected to pitch their business with the Rent The Runway Foundation, and access a 5-week accelerator program to learn to become an entrepreneur (fundraising, operations, marketing…). Building my network and learning from successful business leaders such as Jennifer Hyman (CEO of Rent The Runway), Carley Roney (former XO Group/TheKnot co-founder and CEO), Piera Gelardi (CEO of Refinery 29), Head of Social Media at Glossier…


And now…I have agents from WME

They’ve got Oprah, Karlie Kloss, Tina Fey, and…me. I’m still confused, to be perfectly honest.


Founder/Creative direction/design/shooting/editing/animation/partnerships/biz dev: Mara Lecocq
: Rodolfo Dengo
Writing: Nathan Archambault
Illustration: Jessika Von Innerebner