How Canadian Tire equips and inspires
the Canadian way of life

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Canadians have been using Canadian Tire products in inspiring and passionate ways for over 90 years - and no other hot new brand can own that. By telling these real stories, we aligned Canadian Tire with a much bigger purpose. More than just a store, Canadian Tire plays a vital role in the way we all live life in Canada - The Canadian Way.


▸ Entry to Tribal DDB becoming Strategy's Digital Agency of the Year 2013
▸ Marketing Magazine 2014: Silver in Websites/Microsites
 (x4) Strategy Shopper Innovation Awards 2013: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze 
▸ (x2) The Globes Award 2013: Gold, Bronze 
▸ (x3) Applied Arts 2013 Interactive: Craft Art Direction, Media, Consumer Products



True-story interactive filmmaking and emotional storytelling


An immersive catalogue with real Canadian stories
and interactive experiences


Connecting passions of real Canadians with Canadian Tire products


"Baking a family tradition"
watch the calderone's story


Creative direction: Mara Binudin
Agency: Tribal DDB, Toronto