Canadian Tire equips and inspires
the Canadian way of life

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Canadians have been using Canadian Tire products in inspiring and passionate ways for over 90 years - and no other hot new brand can own that. By telling these real stories, we aligned Canadian Tire with a much bigger purpose. More than just a store, Canadian Tire plays a vital role in the way we all live life in Canada - The Canadian Way.


▸ Entry to Tribal DDB becoming Strategy's Digital Agency of the Year 2013
▸ Marketing Magazine 2014: Silver in Websites/Microsites
▸ (x4) Strategy Shopper Innovation Awards 2013: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze 
▸ (x2) The Globes Award 2013: Gold, Bronze 
▸ (x3) Applied Arts 2013 Interactive: Craft Art Direction, Media, Consumer Products

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True stories that fuel the Canadian experience


An immersive catalogue with real Canadian stories and interactive experiences


Connecting passions of real people to Canadian Tire products


Watch the Calderones’ story

Baking a family tradition

Tribal DDB, Toronto, 2015