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Where Are The Boss Ladies is a crowd-sourced list of 1,000+ female executive leaders in advertising. With the number of women leaders dropping off by 15% for every promotion, women are having a hard time seeing their future selves. We want to provide a resource for women to find their next, and perhaps first, female boss.

More than a list, Where Are The Boss Ladies has become a platform and a community that shares the perspective of women in advertising, with a growing social media audience and a bi-monthly newsletter.

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Seeing the list SPECIFICALLY with WOC made me weep. New goal is to be on the list. I haven’t felt this inspired since I’ve started working! This is why representation is so important.

Boss Lady Wisdom

content series

We want to redefine leadership from a female perspective—inspiring women to lean in qualities that are usually pushed away from traditional leadership role models.

I just accepted a new job and this list had a huge impact on my decision. I can’t wait to work for an inspirational CEO!


Content Series

We share the diverse perspectives of ad ladies from around the world through Instagram Story takeovers. Sign up to have your agency do one :)

Boss Comebacks

content series

It is daily micro-agressions and isolation from likeminded that make women question their potential in the workplace. We created a crowd-sourced content series that helps women have smart comebacks to disempowering situations.


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This is the first newsletter I’ve read in a LONG time that made me want to sign up in less than 3 seconds.

Where Are The Boss Ladies?



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