Democratizing yoga

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Yoga is a lucrative business for many studios, but the goal of Yoga the the People is to simply capture the essence of yoga: yoga made available to everyone. Yoga that is affordable, inclusive and accepting of all levels.

The current site experience is antiquated (4 clicks to get to useful information), and the general branding undermines the brand goal. It feels more like it's run by unsympathetic cross-fit military than by a caring and open-minded community.

an inviting brand that provides guidance

Yoga is about finding strength and mindfulness through balance, flexibility and breathing. The identity shows a dynamic, friendly and fluid typeface outlined by a semi-circle that evokes a smile but also the Locust pose – good for pain, fatigue, physical and inner strength. 

The palette is inspired by the calming hues of seascapes – sand, water and sun – with an energetic spin.


teaching the core basics of yoga


a philosophy of inclusion and acceptance


giving hierarchy to what people are looking for